Our goal is to create tasty, healthy food and provide happiness to everyone.

Shota Terai, Owner and culinary expert, creates the unique and delectable vegan cuisine inspired by his extensive background in Japanese cuisine.

Our mission is to promote the awareness of plant-based diet, which has been scientifically proven to remedy various health issues.

We are flexible. If you are allergic to anything, we will make arrangements to meet your personal needs.


Our chef uncompromisingly creates our entire menu. Each recipe is carefully thought out to bring out the best flavor in every ingredient.


Our all-time-favorite menu, “Tempeh Katsu”, is served with our original “katsu” sauce that is an ultimate blend of 27 kinds of veggies and fruits, which are simmered for two-whole days to perfection.


We are also adamant about using eco product for out to-go box, cups and napkins for environmental protection.


Hope you enjoy our peaceful dishes with your friends and family!



Shota Terai

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan

Machida College of Culinary Art, Tokyo, Japan

Daikoku-ya, Yokohama, Japan

Kitaohji Ginza, Japan

Wakaba Roppongi, Japan

Acquired ownership of Peace Café in 2013